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We all know the mystery of the estate planning process, especially in Probate court, the average probate in California lasts about two years, although it is possible to probate most estates within 9-12 months. Costs of probate include executor's and attorney's fees, filing fees, publication fees, and extraordinary costs. Both the executor and the attorney receive a fee based on a schedule determined by the state. In small estates, less than $150,000 of assets subject to probate, may be distributed without probate. 
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  • Protect your family and assets with a TRUST verified by California leading attorneys
  • Easy to unlimited updates and changes to your Trust   
  • Create your Power of Attorney, and Medical, Funeral, and Pet Directives
  •  Secure access to accounts and documents in your personal Digital Vault
  •  Power of Attorney
  • Transferring Property To Children
  • Probate is Avoided
  • Administration of Estate is Simpler
  • Irrevocable Trust
  • Pet Trust
  • Protecting Assets And Inheritance

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At death, assets may be transferred in one of three ways: Probate, Direct Transfers, or through a Living Trust. Probate is the process of distribution of assets under the supervision of the court. Probate is designed to protect creditors and beneficiaries.

DIRECT TRANSFERS Joint Ownership: Many assets may be held by two or more persons in Joint Tenancy or Community Property. These assets transfer to the survivor automatically on the death of the deceased owner.  

Living Trusts are one alternative to probate. By transferring legal ownership of one’s property to a trust during life, while retaining equitable ownership as a beneficiary of the trust, probate is avoided.


A gun trust is a method for someone to hold and transfer a firearm without having to go through the probate process. This allows you to hold and transfer guns without having to go through court or federal licensing.

Power Of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document in which one person gives another person the right to act on their behalf, such as by signing documents or making decisions for them.

Irrevocable Trust

An irrevocable trust is a trust that once having been created and executed cannot be changed, or changed only in a very limited manner.

Encrypted Digitally Stored Safe Box

Encryption keys will be provided after your signup.

The Safe Box is a table of Secrets and Encryption Keys, which we stored using Authenticated Encryption on our system, and also decrypted form through Postgres. 

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Our Vault is a hardware of secrets and encryption keys stored using Authenticated encryption but also available in decrypted form through a PostgreSQL view for that the secrets can be used by applications from SQL. Therefore secrets are stored encrypted and authenticated.

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Our notarization is equivalent to a paper-based or in-person notarization. your electric ink signee becomes a digital sign, secure and legal!!

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