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Nima Security

Digital is the new and old bank boxes. we understand that Security, privacy, and compliance are the upmost importance for everyone. At Nima we've built our technology with these at the forefront of our mind. Nima complies and adheres to worldwide industry recognized standards for reporting, monitoring, and securing. Security is Nima Trust top priority. Nima Trust is researched, designed, and developed with security as the forefront of our plans and processes.

Penetration Testing and Data Security

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Nima Trust is scanned on a daily basis against the OWASP top 10 security issues, any issues are highlighted to the development team in real-time, and plans and processes are put together to rectify any issues immediately. Our infrastructure is also scanned on a quarterly basis to comply with PCI-DSS certification.

  • Controlled Access Granting
  • Only you and those you grant permission to can view your information; no one else. You can easily revoke access when needed, at any time.
  • Secure Vault Access
    Highly secure data centers and redundant power systems deliver access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Support only recognized cipher suites.
  • Maintain a data disposal and reuse
  • Backups are performed every 12 hours
  • policy for managing data assets.
  • Track the progress and history of every interaction via NimaTrust via the Audit Trial.
  • Your data is encrypted and backed up in different Wall of Vault, ensuring your data residency requirements are met. 

Encrypted, Digital Estate Planning

End-to-End Digitization.

Physical paper slows productivity and costs too much to store. Reduce risk, save money, increase efficiencies and properly secure your document assets now to increase the value of your practice for tomorrow. 

Your Privacy is protected across Nima with built-in security designed to automatically stop any threats before they reach you. Encrypted storage with built-in atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID). We’re committed to trust and transparency. Nima has built a best-in-class Encryption to safeguard your assets. First-ever Digital Encrypted Estate Planning.

 At Nima, we believe that information is an asset. We're here to keep your most important information and documents, digital, encrypted, and safe.




  • Unalterable, systematic capture of signing data.
  • Digital certificate technology.
  • Anti-tampering controls.
  • Reduce your risk of data loss and cybersecurity threats by storing critical information in our secure, private cloud. 

  • Your documents are protected using the latest Symmetric 256-bit AES and Asymmetric 2048-bit TLS.


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A Whole Digital World Await

Join thousands of people to experience the first encrypted estate plans.