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What is Nima Trust & Will? Nima Trust & Will provides online services legal forms and information to individuals and businesses worldwide and in all 50 U.S. states. We are not a law firm or provide legal advice.
What security measures does Nima Trust use to protect assets?

Robust Security Strategy

Security has been and always will be our top priority. We’re continuing to evolve our controls and harden our security posture to meet the realities associated with sophisticated threats and bad actors. To that end, our security program is expanding and focusing on transparency and proactive risk management. Expanding includes enlisting our entire workforce in the security process and increasing our industry involvement to serve as a leader across the crypto space.

Nima Trust & Will Chief Security Officer Delix outlined the future of our company and the major security initiatives we’re using to keep our company and our clients safeguarded. Clients, partners, and vendors should feel encouraged to contact us with any security questions or concerns at

The Nima Trust & Will Vault is safeguarded by Nima's top-tier risk management systems. We believe in building a scalable company with true staying power. Our Wall Encrypted Vault has had a strong performance with no losses for our client to this date.

Why did we Build NimaTrust&Will?

We believe that nobody should go through the stress of keeping very sensitive important documents in their closets or a safe bank box. Nowhere is safe.

Information is an asset class and should be treated with the same focus, expertise, and considerations as one’s financial assets. However, personal, business, and client information is everywhere, and the current ways of managing information and documents are becoming increasingly complex.

That’s why we’ve built NIMA, a secure, Estate Plans Encrypted Digital Vault Platform to help you avoid probate, Get a estate planning and save all your document with our Digital Encrypted Vault.

What kind of services do you offer?

Nima Trust&Will is here to serve you. 

An Online platform service offering legal forms and a safe Digital Encrypted Vault.  

The world is going digital and we have more data breaches than ever. Our team at NimaTrustAndWill is committed to changing the estate planning industry through the first-ever digital encrypted vault.

There are several services and features offered by Nima through the Digital Vault technology including:

● Secure Encrypted estate planning documents

● Best-in-class Security & Compliance

● Bank-Grade security level

What is a Digital Vault?

A Digital Vault is a Secure, cloud-based platform that provides organizations, and clients the ability to store, share and manage important information and documents related to their personal and business lives. Importantly, Digital Vaults allow you to provide access to critical documents and information with Trusted Advisors and family members. Digital Vaults are also commonly referred to as or known as digital filing cabinets or digital safety-deposit boxes.

Who is a Digital Vault for?

The short answer is that Digital Vaults are essentially for everyone. However, a Digital Vault can be and is often used across different entities, securely depositing documents in one central location that is accessible across devices, anytime, anywhere. Simply put, a Digital Vault works very much like an online safety deposit box.

Security & Compliance

NimaTrustAndWill employs industry best practices and bank-grade security and privacy to guarantee top-tier protection for your information. We have implemented the Center for Internet Security (CIS) standard so that your documents are protected using Symmetric 256-bit AES and Asymmetric 2048-bit TLS 1.2.

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